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Experience You Can Count On

Criminal cases demand great skill from your defense attorney. James A. Baker has the experience and expertise to protect your rights during any criminal prosecution.

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Committed To Clients And The Community

Dedicated Representation From Campus Code Violations To Felony Charges

James A. Baker is a lifetime resident of the Finger Lakes area. He and his wife have raised their family in upstate New York. His commitment to the community shows in his practice of law. Early in his career, he served as Town Attorney for the Town of Locke and as Village Attorney for the Village of Moravia. Throughout his 39-year career, he has served as assigned counsel, at a reduced rate of compensation, for individuals unable to pay for their own lawyers. Attorney Baker now concentrates his practice on serving individuals who face serious and potentially life-changing, criminal charges.

Few attorneys can match his litigation experience and success. He knows and has seen the impact that a criminal accusation can have on a young person ready to start life as an adult. Felony and misdemeanor convictions can have a devastating effect on anyone but can be especially damaging to a young person’s educational and employment future. Attorney Baker also knows, and has seen, the difference that a vigorous and thorough defense can make in keeping a criminal accusation from becoming a criminal conviction.

Similarly, in the college and university setting, accusations of student misconduct or violation of the Campus Code can lead to sanctions such as disciplinary probation, short-term suspensions, long-term suspensions, and even permanent expulsion from the university. Appearing before a disciplinary board, or Judicial Administrator, should not be attempted without the advice and assistance of a lawyer who is fully familiar with the college’s rules and procedures. The stakes are far too high.

Skills, Dedication And Success

Few attorneys can match James A. Baker’s ability to litigate cases in both criminal and academic settings. For immediate legal help, fill out our online intake form or call 607-216-9921 or toll free at 888-845-0178.