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Criminal cases demand great skill from your defense attorney. James A. Baker has the experience and expertise to protect your rights during any criminal prosecution.

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When Your Academic Future Is At Stake

James A. Baker understands the stakes involved when a college student allegedly runs afoul of campus rules. Suspension or expulsion is often the result of violating campus regulations. Not only are financial investments or scholarships at risk, but promising careers could also be  at stake.

The Need For Legal Representation During College Disciplinary Proceedings

James A. Baker has appeared on behalf of students at various New York colleges, including Cornell University, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland and several community colleges in the area. Each school has its own procedures for  disciplinary proceedings. A few of the schools do not allow a lawyer to attend the hearing. Other institutions allow active participation.

The sooner attorney Baker gets involved, the sooner he can build a strong defense to the charges. Common infractions that lead to disciplinary hearings include:

  • Violation of alcohol policies
  • Marijuana possession
  • On-campus assaults and fights
  • Sexual assaults

Attorney James A. Baker will pursue the best outcome by building a strong, fact-based defense, while also gathering and presenting mitigating factors which can decrease the severity of possible sanctions. Essentially, he will serve as a buffer between you (the accused) and the school making allegations against you. He will provide sound advice, counter the school’s arguments and continuously remain open to negotiation.

If a ruling by a board is not in your favor, he will pursue an appeal within the academic disciplinary system to obtain a just result.

Contact James A. Baker When You Face Serious On-Campus Criminal Charges

Are you facing charges of an on-campus infraction that could lead to college suspension? Take action; far too much is at stake. Attorney Baker will explore all options toward getting you the results you need. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, fill out his online intake form or call 607-216-9921 or toll free at 888-845-0178.