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Experience You Can Count On

Criminal cases demand great skill from your defense attorney. James A. Baker has the experience and expertise to protect your rights during any criminal prosecution.

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Protecting The Rights Of Ithaca Residents Charged With DWI

In DWI cases, all evidence is significant, no matter how large or small. The tiniest tidbit of information can mean the difference between a guilty and a not-guilty verdict. James A. Baker will attend to every detail of your drunk driving defense and fight for the best outcome. He wants to put you in the best position possible by getting to the facts.


Police Officers Are Not Above Making Mistakes

While we acknowledge that police officers have a difficult job, they still make mistakes. Furthermore, there can be testing oversights, and some officers deliberately ignore proper procedures. These kinds of errors violate your rights and could lead to a wrongful conviction.

From challenging the initial stop to reviewing the tests that allegedly prove intoxication, Attorney Baker will spend the time necessary to get to the facts. Certain procedures may have been ignored during the field sobriety test and blood test. Your breath sample could have been contaminated, which could lead to an inaccurately high reading.

After evaluating the events surrounding your arrest and the evidence collected, DWI defense lawyer James Baker will determine the best possible legal and technical defenses.

Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended Before You Are Convicted

After you’ve been arrested for most driving while intoxicated offenses, the law requires that your driver’s license be suspended on the first day that you appear in court, for the duration of the prosecution. Attorney Baker will meet with you before your first court appearance and will prepare the papers necessary to preserve your ability to drive for necessities such as work and medical appointments.

Sometimes when a DWI charge is pending in court, the Department of Motor Vehicles will conduct separate proceedings to take action against your license. Attorney Baker is well experienced with these proceedings, and will prepare to accompany you to the hearing and to defend your license and privilege to drive against the DMV.

Contact DWI Defense Attorney James A. Baker

Attorney Baker prepares thoroughly for each DWI or license revocation case that comes to his office. Schedule an initial consultation by filling out his intake form or calling his office in Ithaca, New York, at 607-216-9921 or toll free at 888-845-0178.