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Experience You Can Count On

Criminal cases demand great skill from your defense attorney. James A. Baker has the experience and expertise to protect your rights during any criminal prosecution.

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The Serious Consequences Of Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

A so-called minor crime can have a major impact on your life. A misdemeanor may not be as serious as a felony when it comes to sentencing. However, the consequences do not end once you have paid fines or served time in jail; your criminal record will follow you as you pursue schooling, apply for jobs or look for a place to live.


The Experience Of A Life-Long Defense Attorney

James A. Baker brings his 39 years of experience in all levels of criminal defense to help individuals facing misdemeanor charges that involve:

  • Crimes against persons, which include assault charges and harassment charges
  • Crimes against property, such as shoplifting, vandalism and trespass
  • Crimes against public safety and order, which may involve alcohol or disorderly conduct

Regardless of the severity and complexity of the misdemeanor criminal charges, James A. Baker will prepare your case with attention to every detail. He will strive to minimize the consequences of the criminal charges you face.

Attorney Baker conducts hands-on investigations and examines every detail. He will conduct in-depth interviews with witnesses and thoroughly review the police records. He regularly visits the alleged crime scene as part of his preparation for your defense.

Contact James A. Baker To Secure Justice

If you are facing charges of a misdemeanor crime, take action with one email or telephone call to experienced criminal defense lawyer James A. Baker. Fill out our online intake form or call 607-216-9921.