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Experience You Can Count On

Criminal cases demand great skill from your defense attorney. James A. Baker has the experience and expertise to protect your rights during any criminal prosecution.

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Reported Cases

Although a majority of his practice is in the trial-level courts of New York State, James A. Baker has also written and argued appeals which have been heard by the Appellate Courts, including the highest court in the state, the New York State Court of Appeals. His reported appellate cases include:

  • People v. Johnson, 81 N.Y. 2d 980
  • Jane PP v. Paul QQ, 65 N.Y. 2d 994 and 64 N.Y. 2d 15
  • Brown v. Skalwold, 228 A.D. 2d 749
  • Commissioner of Social Services of Chemung County o/b/o Rynkowski v. Pronti, 227 A.D. 2d 705
  • Zimmer v. Town Bd. of Town of Locke, 226 A.D. 2d 1117
  • People v. Vann, 216 A.D. 2d 599
  • People v. Prentice, 208 A.D. 2d 1064
  • Vann v. Friedlander, 170 A.D. 2d 782
  • People v. Reagin, 148 A.D. 2d 854
  • People v. Swartz, 130 A.D. 2d 288
  • People v. Harding, 101 A.D. 2d 221
  • People v. Andrews, 170 Misc 2d 67